The Lad is here to stay: BBC Weather’s ‘women weather broadcasters’

The BBC has just announced that it has added a number of new female weathercasters to its Weather TV channel.

This includes the former Weather TV presenter, Annabelle Tullier, and the former weather presenter and broadcaster Emily Brown, who joined the BBC in 2013.

Both Annabelles Tulliersand Emily Brown joined the Weather TV programme in the autumn of 2014, before the broadcaster’s closure and subsequent rebranding.

Annabelle, who was formerly on the weather presenter’s sister channel, Weather Girls, has a strong, positive outlook on life and is keen to explore more about how weather works in the UK.

Emily, who has been a weather presenter for many years, has recently appeared on BBC Two’s Weather Underground, where she was recently featured in a series of short documentaries on the UK’s weather.

She has also recently appeared in a documentary on the BBC2 show, The World Tonight, which will be broadcast on Friday 9 November.

The Weather TV channels, which are part of the BBC Weather brand, will continue to be broadcast live on BBC1 and BBC2.

Weather Underground will remain live on the Weather channel for a further two years after this announcement.