‘Trump is a clown’: Obama’s speech is not a joke

President Barack Obama’s top speechwriter mocked Donald Trump’s inaugural address Monday, calling it a “clown act.”

“It’s not even close,” Dan Pfeiffer wrote in the Washington Post on Saturday.

“It’s pathetic.

Trump is not only a clown but also a liar, an abuser, a misogynist, a racist, and a racist bigots.

Trump has become a clown who is the president of the United States.

His inauguration is just a big, clown show.”

Obama, in his inaugural address to the nation Monday, addressed the nation’s divisions by promising to heal them.

The speech also included a number of attacks on Trump and his administration, including Trump’s repeated claim that the election was rigged.

The speech also offered an upbeat vision of a future with the country on the path to greater prosperity and opportunity.

“As we celebrate the accomplishments of this new administration, let us also acknowledge the hard work and sacrifices of those who have come before,” Obama said.

“Let us recognize the role of our political system, the institutions of government, and the democratic process as catalysts for the good of all of us.”