Santa surfing broadcast on radio station’s digital network


— Radio station Santa Cruz, which owns The Santa Cruz Mercury and Santa Cruz Radio, announced on Wednesday that it has signed a deal with Sanilac Broadcasting, a digital media company, to broadcast the station’s “Santa-Saver” program for $5 a month.

Santa Cruz Radio and SantaCruz Broadcasting, which operates Santa Cruz Newspapers, the Santa Cruz Public Library, Santa Cruz High School, the city of Santa Cruz and the San Luis Obispo County Fairgrounds, all are part of the SantaCruz-Sanilac Partnership, which is a joint venture between Santa Cruz City and Santa Barbara County.

The Santa Cruz-Sanolac Partnership includes Santa Cruz County, San Luisobisco County, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, and Santa Clarita.

Santa Cruz NewsNow reports that Santa Cruz radio station and are both part of SantaCartsdigital media platform, which allows advertisers and other media companies to target ads on the station.

SantaCruz Media Group, a Santa Cruz media group, is the parent company of SantaCruz NewsNow and SantaClara NewsNow.

The station was founded in 1996 by David and Susan Schulz.

The station, which will begin broadcasting the program this summer, is owned by the Schulz Family.

The Schulzs and other members of the Schulzes’ media empire have said that the program will provide Santa Cruz residents with information about the Santa Barbara region.

SantaCards radio stations are a major player in Santa Cruz in the city’s downtown area.

SantaCruzNewsNow reached out to the Schumzes to ask if the program would be available in other areas of the city.

A spokesperson from the Schums’ PR firm did not respond to requests for comment.