Why the MLB’s Twitter blackout is getting weird

A Twitter account belonging to MLB broadcasters is apparently telling fans to ignore tweets from the league’s Twitter account.

The account, @MLBTelevision, has been tweeting at the league for weeks.

The tweets were posted last Thursday.

The account is one of several Twitter accounts that have cropped up over the past month, including one that had more than 40,000 followers, but no followers.

The account was first tweeted by former broadcaster Chris Heston, who tweeted, “MLB @MLBs Twitter is no longer available.

Please tweet the @MLBRankees if you need to.

They won the World Series.”

The tweets are the latest in a string of bizarre tweets from @MLBDotCom, a fan-driven account that is dedicated to identifying tweets that are misleading or malicious.

On Monday, a user named @nj_sportscaster posted an image with the tweet, and tweeted out a link to a tweet about the account.

The tweet was retweeted more than 10,000 times.

The image was later taken down, but it was apparently not removed by Twitter.

The @mlbTelevision account is apparently one of dozens of Twitter accounts related to the MLB that are posting tweets.

The tweets come amid a trend of people who don’t follow the sport posting misleading tweets to try to draw attention to themselves.

In January, @CubsFan tweeted out an image of two people in baseball uniforms holding an oversized baseball bat, a tweet that quickly was retweeting hundreds of times.