When is the best time to stream a live NFL game?

The following post contains spoilers for the New England Patriots’ season opener against the Denver Broncos.


NFL pre-game broadcast: The first five minutes of the first half:  3:55: The Patriots go for it.

 6:10: Brady makes a great play.

–This is the first of three consecutive touchdowns.

7:02: The Broncos score a touchdown.

8:03: The Pats go for another touchdown.7:03-4:50: This is the most Patriots touchdown drives in a half.7-10: The third-down pass to Edelman in the second half.

10:02-3:43: Brady is sacked for a loss of two yards.7 points: Patriots win.6 points: Broncos win.4 points: Pats lose.3 points: Brady scores.2 points: Denver loses to the New York Jets.1 point: Patriots gain two yards on a field goal.