Why is Tim Ryan Out of the WWE? (VIDEO)

Tim Ryan was out of the wrestling business for a while.

As he told TMZ, he was “busted” by the WWE and they fired him, so he decided to go solo.

He’s now back in the ring and doing some good work.

Ryan also told TMZ he was offered a role in WWE in the future.

He wasn’t really sure where the job would take him, but he did say he is “very excited” to be a WWE commentator and he’s doing well at it.

His career in wrestling has been nothing short of amazing, and the only thing he is struggling with is his wrestling skills.

I have never seen a professional wrestler come out of his own locker room in such a different state of mind and with such a great attitude.

Ryan’s new book, “Tim Ryan: The Wrestler Who Changed the Way We See Wrestling” will be out next week, and you can preorder it here.

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