When the AFL and AFLW get together to plan the next AFL match

The AFL and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation have announced a two-day meeting for the AFL to discuss how to plan a future match in Sydney.ABSC chief executive Steve Kavanagh said the meeting would discuss how the two leagues can better align their media strategy.

“It is important to work with the AFL on developing a more transparent and consistent relationship, which means that the AFL is more accountable for the information it releases to its members and fans,” Mr Kavanah said.

“We need to work together to ensure that we can build the best possible match day experience for our fans and players.”

Mr Kavanahs comments follow the AFL agreeing to allow the AFLW to use its own venue for the 2019 grand final, despite the AFL ruling that the ABC’s existing venues were too small.

“Our understanding is that there are discussions between the AFL, ABC and the ABCW about how we can create a new and more convenient venue for a future grand final,” Mr Keanah said, adding that he hoped the two sides could agree to move forward with a deal soon.

“If we do that, we’ll be able to start a process for the next round of negotiations between the two organisations, which will be much more transparent.”

The AFL has said the ABC has been too “glorious” to the AFL.