When is the JW-FM’s final show?

With the end of their contract in sight, JW’s network is likely to be the last to air on air.

That’s according to a report in The Sunday Times which claims that the company has made a formal bid to buy the show from the broadcaster and that the deal is likely imminent. 

The JW FM is set to end its 10-year broadcasting deal with the BBC and move to a new broadcaster in the coming months.

The broadcaster, which has been operating for over 70 years, has been in trouble financially over the last few years and has recently been hit by a funding scandal.

It is not yet clear how much the deal will cost the broadcaster. 

However, the broadcaster has not made a bid to keep the show on air as a broadcast licence is available for sale. 

According to The Sunday Mail, the company is likely in negotiations with the broadcaster’s parent company, the BBC Worldwide.

The report claims that a deal is in place that could see the sale of the broadcast rights to the BBC for around £10m. 

As it stands, the JG Network is set for its final show on 26 May 2020, the same day as the BBC’s 60th birthday.