What’s your Fana? Find out what’s next for me as I get my bachelor’s degree

I’m the latest in a long line of celebrities to graduate from the Royal Television Society’s (RTS) broadcast degree programme, and the first woman.

I am also the first person to complete my degree in television production, but I can’t quite believe how different it has been.

The RTS has launched the Fana Broadcasting degree programme in partnership with the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Business School.

It is a graduate-level degree with the potential to make a career in television and radio.

The Bachelor of Communications and Media Arts is the only degree to be offered to people who already have a degree in broadcasting.

Fana Broadcasting is a combination of broadcasting and production courses and it has a combined total of 16 subjects including film, television, music, drama and design.

It was created to offer graduates a degree that they would want to take on the job market, said RTS director-general David Smith.

“This is a unique and very exciting opportunity to build on the skills that we’ve developed in broadcasting, and to add to that our business experience and expertise,” he said.

After finishing his broadcast degree at Nottingham, I decided that I wanted to be a broadcaster and started applying for jobs.

But it was not until I was approached by the university about a job at Fana that I decided to take the course.

At the end of the four-year course, I received a letter from the university asking me if I wanted the same degree that I was taking.

I have now completed the four years of the Bachelor of Communication and Media Science and I feel that I have earned the degree that is best suited to my skills.

Being a broadcaster means having a deep knowledge of what is happening on a particular channel, the BBC says.

That is what has allowed me to build a career that has included being an executive producer on the BBC’s flagship programme, Doctor Who, and a presenter for BBC Two.

“This has allowed us to develop the network’s new content, which has been an extremely valuable asset to the broadcaster in the broadcast and digital era,” said BBC managing director, Tony Hall, in a statement.

This is why it is so important for us to offer a diverse range of broadcast degrees, he said, “and Fana is a perfect fit for our audience.”

“We are working hard to bring the breadth of our programme to a wider audience and Fana provides the opportunity to reach people in a new and different way,” Mr Hall said.

“As we continue to grow our brand and to deliver a more diverse range and range of programmes, Fana will also provide a powerful stepping stone to other broadcasting and digital ventures.”

We look forward to continuing to develop and enhance this unique and dynamic programme with the Fanas graduates,” he added.

To find out more about Fana and its degrees, visit www.fana.com.au.

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