When the CBC loses its ‘broadcast independence’ and starts broadcasting British content, a lot of people worry

When the BBC’s broadcasting independence is at risk, many Canadians are getting nervous.

But this is what happens when your independence is lost.

Article Continued BelowArticle Continued On the CBC website, there is no definition of what constitutes a “broadcast” as the company is the sole distributor of news, opinion and entertainment across the country.

When asked why the BBC does not have a definition, the CBC did not respond, saying it was an “internal” matter and that it did not want to “distort the debate.”

But it does seem to be a problem with the CBC that it is not being clear whether or not it is the exclusive distributor of British news, the BBC and its content.

The CBC is not alone.

CBC Radio Canada, which airs CBC Radio’s flagship programs, is in the midst of an internal crisis as it tries to find a way to make money and keep its broadcasting assets afloat.

The broadcaster has been in a state of turmoil since its last contract expired in March 2018.

The CBC is now in the process of renegotiating its deal with its parent company, Rogers Communications, which it acquired in 2013.

The broadcaster has already announced plans to launch a new television network, a new online news service and an app for smartphone users.

It is also considering launching a new digital news channel, a digital platform for sports and other news and information, and a new sports portal.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has been the most valuable broadcasting company in Canada for the past two decades, but it’s no longer a profitable one.

The corporation, which has an annual budget of $10.8 billion, is expected to report a $1.4 billion loss for the fiscal year that ended June 30.

Its operating profit was $1 billion in 2017.

The loss is even higher when you consider that the corporation has lost $732 million in revenue over the past four years.

CBC is a Canadian broadcaster, and has its own broadcasting licenses in Canada, but its mandate is to provide news, information and entertainment, and it is increasingly losing that mission to a number of other major broadcasters.