A woman who won $250,000 for her cat has now turned her back on it

A woman has turned her pet cat over to animal rights groups, with the woman saying she will not take it back because she believes it was stolen.

The cat, which is named Dingo, has been a fixture of the family for a year, and is now owned by a woman in her 60s who has been unable to pay the $250 fee for the animal to be returned to her.

Ms Sibby said she did not want the cat returned because she believed it was the property of someone else.

“I just don’t want to go through that,” she said.

“And I have no problem with a person that wants to give a cat to someone else for a little bit of money and they are going to take it.”

But that’s not going to help the cat in any way.

“That’s not helping Dingo at all.”

It’s a little cat, it’s a big cat, but I think it’s more than that.

“Ms Sibo said she had a cat named Charlie, which she gave to her mother in 1997.”

Charlie had a really hard life and she passed away when she was only 20 years old,” Ms Sibo told ABC radio.”

So I gave Charlie to her and I never took her home.

“Ms Tomsa said she thought the cat was lost in the woods but she was surprised to learn it was found in the back of a car.”

She’s a very smart cat, she’s very intelligent and she likes people,” Ms Tomsasaid.”

When I went to pick her up she had no idea she was a cat.

“Ms O’Brien said she felt bad for the cat.”

We got this wonderful cat, this amazing little cat that we thought would never have a home in the wild, and I’m just devastated that she is not going home,” Ms O’Brien said.

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