BBC news: News of layoffs comes just days after Fox News job cuts

A week after it announced layoffs of more than 200 journalists and editors, Fox News announced the following on Thursday: The network plans to hire more than 1,000 people to staff its newsroom, and the network is looking to expand its talent pool beyond the newsroom.

The announcement comes a week after Fox reported layoffs of nearly 200 journalists, editors and analysts, including some of its biggest stars.

Fox News reported the cuts last month, but some of the newsrooms reductions were announced last week.

Fox also has a number of new hires who will join the network’s production arm, and will be working with its online operation, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Fox News is currently in the midst of hiring about 1,400 people for its newsrooms, including more than 2,000 for the news division, according the WSJ.

The company said that about 400 of those hires will be in its digital operations.

The layoffs are part of Fox News’ overall plan to hire 1,100 people for the network over the next few years.

The cuts come after the network announced it would reduce its number of staffers to about 1 in 10.

Last year, the company said it would cut down to 100 to 140 full-time employees, with other roles cut to 50-100, according Reuters.

The cuts are part a plan to cut costs.

In October, Fox reported that its advertising revenues declined 8% to $6.5 billion from $6 billion in 2015, due to advertisers’ shifting their spending away from its news and entertainment offerings.

The loss of advertisers could be the biggest blow to Fox News in its history, and could result in a significant amount of layoffs, the Wall Street Post reported.