When You’re Not Watching TV, You’re Being Shaped

Weigel Broadcasting, the digital broadcaster of German music and film, is planning to move its headquarters from New York City to a new, bigger facility in a city near Chicago.

The move is a move that will bring the company’s US headquarters and a network of distribution centers into the same neighborhood.

Weigel says the move will create 500 new jobs, about 10% of its current workforce.

We’re building our new headquarters in Chicago, with the goal of creating the kind of global distribution platform that we want to be.

As part of the move, Weigel will have a new name: Weigel Entertainment, a new headquarters and distribution center in the South Loop.

We’ll have a more diversified, global distribution strategy. 

Weigel is a global company with a presence in more than 100 countries and territories.

We’ve also become a leader in the use of social media and online communities to connect and share content across the globe.

The company says it’s hiring more than 4,000 people in the US and about 1,500 people in Germany.

We have some very big and exciting projects coming up.

We are also looking at new ways to expand into other markets around the world.

For example, We’re expanding our digital presence in Asia and South America.

We also want to take our distribution into the digital world by creating new ways for people to enjoy our content on mobile devices and other platforms.

The new location in Chicago is the latest of a number of changes Weigel plans to make to its US operations, including relocating some production, distribution and marketing offices to Chicago and adding a new location, according to the company.

The New York headquarters will be used to produce and distribute Weigel’s original programming and other Weigel-produced content.

We hope to open a second New York facility in 2018.

The relocation is part of Weigel Media Group’s plan to make Weigel more global, said Paul Piff, the company co-founder and chief operating officer.

Weigel has a long history of building relationships with its customers, but Piff says the company is in a position now to build on that relationship and build more global distribution channels that will help us reach audiences outside the US. 

Weigel will also open up a distribution platform in India, where Weigel was founded in 1996, and plans to launch a distribution network there by the end of the year.

We think India is a huge market and a huge opportunity for Weigel.

We see a lot of potential there, Piff said.

We need to continue to make sure that we’re making our commitment to India, and our commitment is to continue making a commitment to making sure we can build a very strong distribution platform there as well. 

Piff is not revealing specific details about the expansion plan.

We don’t have an official announcement date yet. 

Piff also said that the company would begin exploring possible expansion plans for Germany, where it is based.

We already have plans to expand Weigel into the country in 2019.

We will also expand into Germany by 2020, and we have already launched plans for India, he said. 

The new Weigel headquarters will also create 1,000 new jobs and increase Weigel Global’s total payroll to nearly 10,000, Pffich said.

He said the new expansion will be a step toward a broader goal of growing Weigel worldwide. 

“We’re looking forward to this,” he said, adding that Weigel had been focused on the US for some time.

“We’re a brand that’s been around for 50 years.

We wanted to expand further, to grow further and to be able to take this on.”