The top 10 pay packets for NFL broadcast journalist salary

Mignini’s latest contract with the Miami Dolphins expires on Sunday, with the former NFL referee on a two-year deal worth around €8.8 million ($10.5 million).

According to Sport Mediaset, the deal is worth €8 million per year with €1 million of that being guaranteed, with a €1.5m signing bonus.

Mignini, who made more than €50 million during his career at the NFL, signed his first contract with a salary of around €10 million in 2018.

He had previously worked at the World Cup and Euro 2020, but his last two years have been marred by injuries.

The salary was reportedly agreed after the end of the 2017 season when the Dolphins made an offer of €20 million ($26.6 million) per season, although there has been no confirmation from the club.