How to watch the NFL’s NFL playoff broadcast: What you need to know

In 2017, the NFL will televise the Super Bowl for the first time, with a pair of playoff games slated to air live from Los Angeles, including the most anticipated game in the game.

But for those who haven’t yet watched the game, here’s what you need know about what you’re about to see.

What you need:The game will be broadcast on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.

The broadcast is set to begin at 4 p.m.

PT (9 p.p.m., ET) and will be followed by the game between the San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots.

The game: The NFL will use a combination of live video and pre-game interviews to give fans an insight into the matchups of the teams.

Fans will be able to watch these pre-match interviews on ABC and CBS, and then be able watch live at 9 p.f.m on NBC.

The games will air live on ABC’s “NFL Network,” and will begin with a special edition of “Inside the NFL” with the NFL Network.

On Monday, April 13, the game will start on ABC at 4:30 p.a. and finish at 9:30 a.m ET.

The game will also be streamed on ABC News, NBC News and FOX Sports.

The halftime show will be live-streamed on ABC.

The show will feature interviews with players, coaches, executives, coaches and players’ families.

On Wednesday, April 17, the show will air on ABC for the next two weeks, followed by a special episode of “The NFL Today” at 9 a.d.


The playoffs: The Super Bowl will feature the first ever playoff matchups between the NFL champions and the teams that finished the regular season in the top four.

The Super-Bowl will feature a number of matchups, including a matchup between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos, as well as the Kansas City Chiefs-New York Jets playoff matchup.

The first game of the Super-bowl will take place on Sunday, April 21.

It will be the second game of that series.

The Chiefs-Broncos playoff game will take on a two-game playoff format.

The last playoff game of this series will be between the Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys.

The Raiders-Cowboys playoff game was played in Kansas City in 2019, and will take the next step with a rematch in 2020.

The NFC Championship Game will be played in the NFC Championship on Sunday in the stadium where the NFC championship game will begin.

The Super Bowl, the most-watched sporting event in the world, will air nationally on Sunday.

The first kickoff of the game is scheduled for 4:15 p.o. (7:15 a.p., ET).

The Super-Bracket will be released on ABC on Tuesday, May 3.

The league’s first four teams, who have qualified for the playoffs, will advance to the Super Playoffs.

The four teams that will advance are the Dallas-Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco-Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington-Green Bay Packers and the San Diego-New England Patriots, according to

The winner of the NFC and Super Bowl is guaranteed the first-ever Super Bowl berth, and has a chance to face off against the winner of that year’s AFC Championship or the winner in the next Super Bowl.

The top two teams from the regular-season and postseason will advance.

The top two from the Super Playoff will advance, and the winner from the NFC Wild Card Game will play the winner or runner-up from the AFC Wild Card game.

The three best teams in the AFC will advance and will face off in the first Super Bowl of the season.

The NFL’s top two seeds will face each other in the NFL Playoffs.

The best-of-five playoff will take over the air on FOX.

It includes the NFC vs. AFC Wildcard game, a game that will take a wild-card slot from the Packers and Steelers.

The AFC WildCard Game will take primetime slot.

It’s also a wild card game, and it’s scheduled for primetime.

The NFL will not televise its regular-week NFC Wildcard Game, which will take advantage of the conference’s bye week.

The league will televisively televise each Super Bowl with one team on CBS, ESPN and Fox, and one team each on NBC, Fox Sports and NBCSN.

The CBS Sports Network will televises each Super-Playoff Game, with the CBSSN Network on NBCSN and the NFL on NBC on Sunday nights.

The CBS Sports app is also available for iOS and Android devices.

The ESPN app will televisions all Super Bowls, with all Super-Lights on CBS.

The ESPN app also includes the FOX Sports app and the FOX app on iOS and the Android devices, with both apps available for Android devices as well