Sonlive broadcasting live on broadcast tower in #SaoPaulo, Brazil

Sonlive is back in the air with their second live broadcast of the season, this time on a broadcast tower.

Sonlive’s first broadcast on the same location, the one in São Paulo, was on August 22nd, so we should be able to see them again on a Sunday!

The first broadcast was broadcast by a group of locals, and was about a year ago on July 28th, but the live broadcast is now part of the network.

The Sonlive team says they will be broadcasting live for a total of seven days from August 26th to September 10th.

The Sonlive broadcast will be accompanied by live music from the São Paulo Chamber Orchestra.

The band also recently performed at Sonlive with a performance that included music from “Fantasies of Life” by a young Brazilian composer.

In an interview with the Sonlive blog, the band said that the live show was a great opportunity to hear the music that Sonlive has been working on since 2010.

They added that the group is also working on a special version of the show to coincide with the launch of Sonlive 5.

Sonload is a collaborative work between the musicians, composers and sound engineers that combines the best of Sonshow and Sonlive into one new audio experience.

The band will be playing the song “Fantaies of Death” by Aida from the song The World in the Eyes of Death.

They will also be playing a special mix of “Dress Like a Man” by the Brazilian composer and the song from the film “The End” by singer/songwriter Nuno Senna.

In addition to the live music, the Sonload team will be hosting a variety of activities including a live video broadcast from the Sonshow, live interviews with the cast and crew, a Q&A session with the producer, and a surprise party.

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