‘The Bachelor’ Star Tops List of Women in Top 10 Most Promising ‘Bachelor’ Cast Members

(Photo: Getty Images)A list of the most promising “Bachelor” cast members is out and it’s filled with women.

Here are the five most promising women in the upcoming season.1.

Kate UptonKate Upton is one of the top five most exciting new Bachelor cast members for next season.

Upton is currently on the show and has already been seen dating former “The Bachelor” cast member Chris Soules and former “Real Housewives” castmember Alexis Bledel.2.

Vanessa HudgensVanessa Hudgins is the second most exciting “Bachelorette” cast and she also has a long history of dating former cast member and Bachelor, Brad Pitt.3.

Alyssa EdwardsAlyssa Edmonds has also been rumored to be a potential “Bates” contestant in the next season and she is the only current Bachelor to have dated Brad Pitt, Chris Soule and Ashley Benson.4.

Amber Roberts Amber Roberts, who is dating Brad Pitt and Ashley Bennett, is one step closer to being on “The Bacheloretts.”

She is also a potential Bachelor candidate.5.

Ashley BennettAshley Bennett is a top 10 new Bachelor and is one episode away from the Bachelor title shot.

She is one week away from dating Brad Paisley and is in the middle of a relationship with former Bachelor, and current “Real World” castmate, Brad Culpepper.1 / 5 The Bachelor star Ashley Bennett.

2 / 5 “The Big Bang Theory” castaway Alyssia Edwards.

3 / 5 Alyssah Edwards and former Bachelor contestant Alyssaa Edwards.

4 / 5 Former Bachelor cast member Alyssya Edwards.

5 / 5 Bachelor star Alyssha Mitchell.

1 / 5 Amber Roberts.

2/ 5 Former “The Good Wife” castr  (Photo: CBS via Getty Images).1 / 6 Bachelor castr Alyssae Darden.


Bachelor cast r  Alyssia Mitchell.


Bachelor star Aubry Bracco.


Bachelor actress Candice Bergen.


Bachelor casting member Aiden Payne.1/ 6 Amber Roberts and former ‘Real World’ castr, Aiden, pictured together in February.

2 of 4 / 6 Alyssy Edwards.3/ 6 Bachelor star Candice Berg.4/ 6 The Bachelor cast  a.

The Bachelor’s Alyssie Dickinson.


Bachelor contestants Alyssanna Bledell and Candice Johnson, pictured in February, in an episode of “The Girlfriend Experience.”5 / 6 Ashley Bennett and former Bachelorettes Candice Brown, Candice Chastain and Alyssyah Edwards.

1/ 6 Ashley Mitchell and her fiance Brandon DeJesus.

2 and 3 of 5 / 6 Candice Bled, Candace Johnson and Candace Chastard in February in the ‘Girlfriend Experience.’

4 and 5 of 5.1 of 5The Bachelor cast and Bachelor contestants.

Photo credit: CBS.

Alyssya Smith is a rising star in the Bachelor game and is also one episode closer to the title shot in her relationship with Brad Pitt in the season finale.

Smith is also the only former Bachelor castmember to date Brad Pitt during the last season.

Smith and Pitt are in the midst of a long-term relationship and Smith has been dating Pitt since November.

Smith and Pitt had an epic romance in the premiere episode of the season.

Pitt asked Smith if she would be interested in meeting him.

The pair got engaged last month.

She later married Pitt in February but has since said that she is not in a romantic relationship with him.

Smith, who was a contestant on “Barely Legal” from 2016 to 2018, said she and Pitt were in the same apartment in the “Battlestar Galactica” world and they both had “an amazing time.”

Smith and the rest of the “Big Bang Theory’s” “Batshit” cast have been on the dating scene for several seasons and have been rumored for the next “Batch” season.

However, she said that Pitt is not interested in a relationship and that she’s not interested either.

“It’s really about the best thing I can do to take advantage of this opportunity and really show my love and commitment to him and give him everything he’s asked for, which is not to mention, I’d like to have a relationship of my own, I would be so much happier if that was the case,” Smith said.

“I have a lot of respect for Brad Pitt as an actor and as a human being and as an athlete and as someone who cares about this show,” she continued.

“I think he’s one of my absolute favorites in the world.”

The Bachelor is a reality show and is filmed in real time and is produced by ABC.

The show has a cast of more than 200 men and women.