What to Know About the Hudson Broadcasting Center’s New Broadcast Hub

Posted November 11, 2018 06:11:56The Hudson Broadcasting Co. has announced that the facility will now offer “first radio broadcasts,” including news, sports and entertainment.

The announcement came in a press release from the company that included a number of announcements about the new broadcast center.

According to the release, the building’s new location is located in the heart of Manhattan’s commercial district.

It will feature a studio and a large live stage, which will offer up to six stations for the newscasts, along with a newsroom for the news desk.

In addition, a variety of other studio and other features will also be available.

The announcement also includes a description of the facility as “an innovative, innovative facility that will allow the Hudson to be a key player in the next wave of technology-enabled broadcast.”

Hudson Broadcasting Co., which has been operating out of the Manhattan building since 2005, is the largest radio broadcasting station in the world.

It has been building a new facility in Greenwich Village since 2018, and announced that it will be moving to a new building in New York City’s financial district in 2021.