‘Hollywood doesn’t want to do a report’: Media ‘bully’ for calling out NFL, report says

Posted September 16, 2019 17:02:08 The AFL is investigating a media campaign that it says is being bullied by its own players for calling attention to the league’s “hollywood-bully” culture.

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan said the AFL was aware of the campaign launched by the AFL Players Association and the AFL, and was in contact with the AFLPA.

“It is something that has been raised with us and we have been in touch with them, we are aware of it and we are investigating it,” McLachlin said.

“The AFLPA have been contacted and we will look at it.”

The AFL Players’ Association has launched a Twitter campaign, “Hollywood Don’t Want to Do a Report”, with a hashtag “#notnice” which refers to the NFL.

The AFL has yet to respond to the AFL’s investigation.

AFL’s media coverage is dominated by NFL’s “bully culture” The AFL said the league had not received any complaints from its players about the campaign.

“We have been engaged in conversations with the Players’ association and we remain engaged,” McLichlin said in a statement.

“As part of that process we will engage with the union’s media policy to explore how we can best support our players in addressing their concerns.”

The league said it was aware “a number of players have expressed concerns about the perception of the league as a bully, and have expressed their concerns to us”.

“The NFL’s bully culture and bullying practices have been exposed in the media over the last year and we continue to be committed to ensuring we are in compliance with our media policy,” the statement said.

AFL players say they’re being ‘bullied’ into silence by NFL Players’ group in new report ‘Hilarious’ campaign by NFL players ‘doesn’t get us any closer’ The AFL’s response was not enough for AFL players, who are angry about the lack of progress made in addressing the league-wide bullying problem.

The players union said the campaign “doesn’t deserve our time and our support”.

The players said the report was an attack on the AFL and the players’ union.

“This is a blatant attack on us, on our players and on the game of football in Australia, it’s just ridiculous,” said Jack Macgregor, a senior member of the union.

The report is based on “in-depth interviews with more than 150 AFL players”, the players union told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“They interviewed more than 160 players, including former AFL players.

They interviewed more players than any other media outlet, including ABC, Fox Sports, ESPN, ABC News, Sky News and the BBC,” it said.

The union said it had received no evidence of bullying.

The media watchdog also called on the league to “review its reporting of the bullying allegations”.

The AFL and its players have been hit with a defamation case over the alleged comments in the report.

The league’s response came after the AFL released an internal report that highlighted how the league faced “unprecedented” bullying and bullying-related issues within the AFL community, including an alleged threat to its players.

The inquiry also found the AFL had a “lack of understanding” about how to effectively deal with bullying within the community.

AFL has launched investigation into media campaign The AFL issued a statement to ABC Radio’s Matt Gurney on Friday, saying it was “in the process of examining a media complaint”.

“Our response has not been received, and we expect that to change,” the AFL said.

“Our media policy has not changed in the 12 months since the AFL commenced its investigation into bullying and the fact that we have had a number of positive outcomes demonstrates our commitment to addressing these issues in a transparent and accountable manner.”

The media report said the media had made a number a “stunning and disturbing” allegations of bullying and harassment.

“In this report, we allege that the AFL has failed to respond effectively to allegations of serious bullying and intimidation within the club and media, particularly during a period when we were under siege by a group of individuals,” the report said.

In its response to the media report, the AFL rejected all of the allegations and said the claims were not substantiated.

“All of the alleged behaviour described in the allegations is false, inaccurate and false,” the union said.