Why the Jewish Broadcasting Service is shutting down for two weeks

JEWISH BUREAUCHESTV has announced it will shut down in the coming days, a move that comes as tensions over the Iran nuclear deal continue to mount.

The service was established in 1984 and broadcasts programs that address Jewish issues and religious matters, including the Holocaust.

It is based in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The announcement came in a statement released Monday by the station’s president, Meir Shalev, in which he acknowledged the difficulties of the network’s future, saying it will have to shut down for “a few days.”

The station, which has a Jewish audience of nearly 10 million, has faced criticism from some Jewish groups for focusing too much on the nuclear deal with Iran.

It has also faced criticism for its anti-Semitic coverage, which included coverage of Israel and the Holocaust and portrayed the country as an oppressive state.

The station said in a written statement that it will continue to broadcast programs to serve the Jewish community and provide a place for Jewish Americans to connect with news, analysis and the world.

“The decision to shut JBBS down comes as a result of the nuclear agreement between Iran and the United States, which aims to curb Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for lifting some economic sanctions and curbs on its nuclear program.

The agreement, signed in 2015, allows the U.S. to lift some economic restrictions on Iran, and allows it to resume some oil exports.

Iran has been pressing the U,S.

and European countries to lift the sanctions on the Islamic Republic.