How to watch the Serie A broadcast: Live from the Pope’s birthplace

This is a live broadcast of the Pope Francis’ arrival at the Vatican for Mass in St. Peter’s Square on Monday, December 14. 

Here are the highlights: 1.

The weather: The Pope will be making a special appearance on Monday night as part of the broadcast, and will be accompanied by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, who will deliver his weekly homily. 


Who will be at the start of the show: The live broadcast will be the first of the season. 


The crowd: Francis is expected to be joined by a group of around 40 priests, nuns and laypeople, including many from the country’s most prestigious dioceses, such as Rome, Palermo and Mantua. 


What to expect on the first hour: “It’s an exciting and difficult occasion. 

In my experience, it’s a time for reflection and prayer. 

The pope’s arrival is not the final step. 

He’s not finished. 

We need to work together to pray, to learn and to do good,” said Bishop Joseph Ferrara of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. 


What’s happening on the second hour: The broadcast will consist of the homily by Archbishop Vigan. 

“This is a moment of silence. 

I pray that you will not be distracted by these events. 

It is a day of celebration, not of sadness,” Ferrara said. 


What is expected in the broadcast: There will be no television coverage of the event. 


What will happen in the Pope and the audience? 

The broadcast will not air live, and Pope Francis will be speaking to the faithful via a video link from the balcony. 


The Vatican is not showing the live broadcast: The Vatican has not shown the live feed of the events to the public. 


What are the questions and answers? 

It’s a question and answer session. 


Will there be any live commentary? 



Who is expected at the beginning of the live? 

Bishop Ferrara is expected, along with the Archbishop of Mantua, Cardinal Antonio Tagliavini. 


What happens during the broadcast? 

During the hour, the broadcast will begin with a homily, followed by the final sermon of the day, followed immediately by the audience’s question and an audience participation question. 


What questions are expected during the live question and response period? 

This is the time for people to raise their hands, asking whether the Pope is welcome or not. 


When is the live edition of the pontifical broadcast scheduled? 

Sunday, December 16, at 12:00 p.m.



How much will it cost? 

As of now, there is no price, although there is an offer of $25 for the “best seat” in the stadium. 


What time will the live broadcasts be available on the Internet? 

On December 16th, the live editions will be available for free on the internet. 


Is the Pope a live presenter? 

No, but his speech on Monday evening is. 18.

Who can participate in the live broadcasting? 

Anyone can listen to the live version of the service. 


What can I watch on the BBC? 

There is an app that will allow users to listen to and share live broadcasts, including in Spanish and English. 


Is there a website to watch live broadcasts? 

You can access the service from a mobile device. 


When will the Pope be on-stage? 

Tuesday, December 17, at 6:00 a.m (GMT) 22.

What does the pope have to say? 

In his address, Francis will address the nation on how God has created the world and that it is possible to live in it and love one another. 

What is not expected during his speech will be any news from Rome or his homeland, as Pope Francis has yet to visit. 


Can I watch the Pope in person? 

Not yet, but the Pope will appear on TV on Wednesday, December 18, at 10:30 a.p.m., following his address to the nation. 


What do I need to bring to see the Pope? 

Bring your passport and a photo ID, including a passport with a photo, which will show you that you are a member of the public in Rome. 


What if I’m not a citizen? 

If you are not a Roman citizen, you can apply to become one through the Vatican’s Citizenship Office. 


What should I do if I have a problem with the Pope during the event? 

Contact the Vatican to