NFL game coverage: How the Falcons and Ravens came together in Week 17

The NFL is looking for a new broadcasting partner for their annual game in Philadelphia, and they’re looking for someone with a strong presence in the Jewish community.

The league has announced that the broadcast partner is the Fender Broadcasting System, and the Atlanta Falcons and Baltimore Ravens are the two teams that are in the running.

Fender is a privately held American cable TV company that broadcasts sports and music content.

Their deal with the NFL includes a minimum of two games a season, with two games broadcast nationally.

“Fender Broadcasting’s commitment to the Jewish Community is unwavering and unyielding,” Fender’s president and CEO, David J. Cote, said in a statement.

“It is clear to us that the Fenders’ commitment to bringing high-quality, award-winning Jewish-themed content to a broad range of audiences is unrivaled.”

Cote is known for his work with the MLB and NFLPA, and he’s already done a good deal of work with NFL owners, including the Atlanta Braves and the Seattle Seahawks.

In 2017, Fender aired a commercial for the F-15 fighter jet that was created by Israeli company Adler Aircraft.

The commercial featured the plane being piloted by an Israeli pilot, and featured an image of the fighter jet, which was part of a campaign to raise awareness of Israel.

Fenders deal with NFLs broadcast partners comes on the heels of other high profile deals between the NFL and Jewish organizations, such as the NFL’s partnership with the Los Angeles Rams and the NFLPA’s partnership, the NFL is putting together with the National Football Foundation, with the goal of bringing more Jewish talent into the league.