Ohio TV stations seek new ownership after merger with MidWest Family Broadcasting network

A $4 billion merger of two Ohio TV networks could see a move to an online video destination for content as well as a move away from the broadcast side of the business.

Ohio TV, a publicly-owned cable network, is seeking a partner to acquire MidWest family broadcasting, the Columbus Dispatch reported Thursday.

A deal would give the two media companies the ability to reach a broader audience via online video and broadcast, the Dispatch reported.

The acquisition could mean more content from Ohio, where it’s already the second-largest cable network behind WKOW in Ohio, the paper reported.

MidWest family broadcasts are owned by the Columbus-based MidWest Media Group.

They broadcast more than 300 stations, including ABC-owned KXAN in Columbus, and more than 100 local stations.

They also have affiliates in Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus.

They are also the flagship station in Columbus.

The Dispatch reported the deal could be announced as early as Thursday, but the move is still in the works.