A little-noticed report says the FCC needs to act on the internet in 2018

The Federal Communications Commission is in crisis, according to a report by the conservative Heritage Foundation.

The report says President Donald Trump’s FCC is “unprepared for the Internet and its changing and rapidly changing nature.”

The FCC is set to vote on whether to overturn the 2015 Open Internet Order, which the Trump administration has defended.

The order prohibits internet service providers (ISPs) from blocking, throttling, or otherwise throttling websites and apps that consumers choose to use.

It also prevents the FCC from imposing internet service regulations that could limit the flow of data through the internet.

While the order did not explicitly ban the internet as a whole, the Heritage Foundation’s report found that “there is ample evidence that the FCC has taken actions to limit the power of ISPs to influence the content of the internet.”

While the report did not specifically say that the internet is “in crisis,” it said that “the FCC needs a complete overhaul of its regulatory framework to allow the internet to thrive and flourish.”

The report also said that the Federal Communications Commision “has not done enough to ensure that the Internet is not abused by Internet Service Providers and their affiliates.”

In addition to its lack of action on the open internet, the report noted that the commission has “lacked a clear plan for the regulatory authority of ISPs and their competitors.”

“The Commission’s regulatory structure and authority to regulate internet services has been inadequate and inconsistent,” the report stated.

“The FCC has not done its job to prepare for the internet’s changing and rapid nature, and has not adequately addressed how it would manage the internet and its evolving uses.”

The Federal Communication Commission is currently under investigation for alleged bias against Comcast.

The commission was established in 2015 to protect the interests of the American people.

The FCC was established to protect consumers, particularly those with broadband Internet service.

In 2018, the FCC will vote on its proposed reauthorization of the 2015 order, which was passed by Congress in 2015.