What to watch in Sunday’s NRL clash against Souths

If you are a football fan who wants to see a blockbuster NRL clash with the likes of the Rabbitohs, Bulldogs and Panthers, this weekend’s NRL derby is the one to watch.

With just one week to go until the start of the finals series, the finals are about to kick off.

The NRL has played its last regular-season game and will be playing a game for the first time since 2010.

While the game itself is being played on a Saturday, it will be a test for all teams with a few more games left to play before the start, and the NRL is already looking to build momentum ahead of the series.

For all the NRL’s hype, the game will also have a lot of footballing significance as the NRL begins its long awaited season in earnest, with the NRL finals coming two weeks from now.