‘I am not an evil man’: How ‘Bachelor’ star was left shocked by sexual harassment

The actor who starred in the hit US reality TV series The Bachelor has revealed how he was left horrified after being repeatedly harassed by co-star Justin Theroux.

The 43-year-old actor said that in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he did not realise how much sexual harassment he had been subjected to until it had been too late.

“I was so shocked, I was not able to get over it,” Theroux said.

“I was like, ‘I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.'”

I thought it was going to be a nice quiet day, like the other guys, but it wasn’t.

It was the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever been through in my life.

“Theroux said that he did “nothing” to help the disgraced co-host, who has been accused of inappropriate behaviour, but he was not willing to give up.”

It’s so upsetting.

I can’t believe that someone I had known for so long, a friend of mine, would do something like that to someone who I had a genuine relationship with, and it was so hurtful,” Therouxs said.”

We have talked about it.

It’s something I’ve dealt with for years.

I’ve spoken to [our lawyer] who has dealt with it for me and I know that Justin’s not going to do anything.

“Therouxs, who is currently on leave from his job in the entertainment industry, said he felt betrayed by the show and the women involved.”

When you do something for someone and they are the one who is going to get hurt, it’s just like you’re a bad person and they deserve it,” he said.

Theroux’s wife, former ABC sitcom star Emily Ziering, confirmed to the publication that they were leaving the actor because he was making it difficult for them.”

He’s making it so hard for us,” she said.”[He] is ruining our lives.

“In a statement, The Bachelor’s producers said they would continue to support Theroux and said he would not be returning to the show.”

While we cannot discuss his past behavior or the specifics of this case, the Bachelor is proud to have him as one of our stars and is committed to providing him with the support he needs to continue to pursue his career,” they said.’

I was not an Evil Man’: Theroux talks about being accused of sexual harassment by coedTheroux told the Hollywood Reporter that he was “shocked” to learn that he had made a mistake by talking to Theroux, who he had known since high school.”

What I saw and heard was horrifying,” Theroupes said.

He added that it was “horrible” to hear the accusations against him.”

That’s not how I’m supposed to act,” Theroufys said.

I’m not an abusive man.

I have nothing to hide.

And if I do anything wrong, I will be held accountable.

I don’t want to be here.

And I’m not going anywhere.”

In the interview, Theroux also revealed that he and Zierings first met in 2006, when the pair were in the acting program A-List.

Theroux was a fan of Zierins acting style and, when they were cast in the ABC show, they became instantly in love.

“Justin Theroux’s [co-star] Emily Ziesty has always been a wonderful, caring person,” he wrote.

“They got along well, and she is such a sweet, kind and generous person.

They even had a daughter together and the children are doing really well.””

We would have a dinner party once a week where we would do things that were fun and fun, and we’d have a lot of fun together,” he added.”

Emily and I became fast friends, and when we were filming A-list, we made it clear that we would love to work together again.””

When we found out that I was going on hiatus and I wasn’t coming back, we started thinking about what we could do to keep going.

We talked about doing something together.

We had to decide that we had to take action.”

Therakis claims that he began having sex with Zierys in 2008.

He was a contestant on the US version of the show, but the show’s producers refused to let him participate in the finale and the producers then turned on him.

He then appeared on the reality show, Bachelor Nation, and his former co-stars were so shocked at his actions that they refused to continue on the show as well.

“There was nothing that I could do about it,” Zieres said, adding that Theroux had threatened to leave her if she ever did.

“So I just didn’t talk to him anymore.”‘

It was so upsetting’: Theroux says he was made to feel ‘scared’ and ‘betrayed’By 2010, he